Grow your sense of love and worth at work for yourself, for another, and for your community

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Elevating the Human Experience: Three Paths to Love and Worth at Work is a book for anyone who knows what it is to struggle to feel loved and worthy when showing up at work. It is for people who struggle to bring their authentic identities to work, because they are female, Black, brown, gay, or any of these intersections. It is also for the people who have no idea what it may feel like to struggle every day just to feel loved and worthy, but love people and lead people who do.

With equal parts courage and insight, Amelia Dunlop tells her story of what it means to discover her own sense of love and worth in her twenty-year career as a management consultant at the world’s largest professional services firm. “I was always either a management consultant or Mama. I was never just a woman named Amelia, worthy of love, whether at home or at work.” She talks candidly about how hard it is to be a woman measured by a “male yardstick when you lack a Y chromosome.”

Amelia had a hypothesis that she might not be the only one showing up at work feeling unworthy. “According to our 6000-person Love and Worth quantitative study, almost 90% of people agreed or strongly agreed that it matters to them to feel worthy. And yet, almost five out of ten people indicated that they sometimes, often, or always struggle to feel worthy.” This, according to Amelia, is the Worthiness Gap, the gap between how much it matters to feel worthy, and how hard we struggle to do so.

Love and Worth quantitative study results

Elevating the Human Experience provides insights and observations that will help you show up as more human in the workplace. Perfect for those who struggle to feel loved and worthy at work, and for those who love or lead people who do, Elevating the Human Experience belongs on the bookshelves of everyone who cares about bringing their authentic identity to work. 

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Amelia offers a roadmap for bringing our whole selves through the door at work to forge richer relationships and to create more affirming work environments.
Enshalla Anderson
Global Head of Brand Strategy, Google Cloud
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This is an outrageously intelligent and heartfelt book.
Thomas Moore
Author of Care of the Soul and Soul Therapy 
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By organizing this incisively original, deeply personal meditation around the vital concepts of love and worth, Amelia Dunlop takes her place among the truly distinctive thinkers to have addressed this most important of questions: enhancing lived human experience.
Rogan Kersh
Provost and Professor Wake Forest University

The journey along the three paths of love and worth at work:


The First path is the path of the self, a deeply personal exploration where you learn to love yourself and recognize your own fundamental human worth, particularly when you encounter obstacles that challenge your sense of worth. 


The Second path is about the journey to loving and recognizing the worth of “another” in your life. These connections add to our mirrored worth, the worth we feel mirrored back to us by another and provide a source of meaning to our lives.


The Third path is the path of learning to love and recognize the worth of others you meet at work every day. It explores how to overcome obstacles to love and worth in our communities, systems, and culture by adopting a new approach: instead of leaning into the system, it is now our responsibility toconsider how you can change the system. 

Experience Design Framework

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Brilliant and brave. Brilliant because of the stories, models and applications that compose Elevating the Human Experience. Brave because it is a rarely discussed truth that love is the unseen guiding force in all great work. Amelia Dunlop bridges the most human of all emotions with the desire for worth and purpose in a new and profound way. One of the most original books of its kind in years.
David Baum
David Baum
Ph.D., D.Min., author of Lightning in a Bottle: Proven Lessons for Leading Change and The Randori Principles 
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The prospect of a workplace that incorporates love as a means of unlocking, even transforming the humans who comprise it, is a bold stroke. Connecting investment in the human experience at work with individual and organizational performance, Elevating the Human Experience is a refreshing and inspiring work.
Tim NeCastro
President & CEO, Erie Insurance Group 
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Elevating the Human Experience represents a heartfelt and deep paradigm shift. While most business leaders walk on eggshells trying to describe the humanity and emotional wellbeing of their workforce, Amelia Dunlop, simply and satisfyingly, asks us to love.
Renato Mazziero
Vice President, Experience and Innovation at Thrivent 
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Amelia Dunlop makes the bold proposition that we should be the same person at work as we are at home. She adds the equally bold idea that love (of self and others) should be a part of our work lives. Through her own vulnerability in these pages, she invites us to open up, to connect, and to adopt the radical idea that we can be fully human, even in that place we call “work.” This book is for managers and the managed, for-profit and non-profit, secular corporations and religious institutions, companies big and small—any organization that wants team members to think creatively, speak boldly, work passionately, collaborate deeply, and actually thrive at work.
Aaron Zimmerman
Aaron M. G. Zimmerman
Episcopal priest and host of Same Old Song podcast
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Elevating the Human Experience: Love and Worth at Work is personal; it’s insightful; and it’s exactly what is needed right now as many of us reckon with how to reconcile our humanity and our careers.
Dane Jensen
CEO, Third Factor, Author of The Power of Pressure

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Amelia speaks and publishes frequently on the topic of the human experience, strategy, and innovation. She received Consulting Magazine’s 2020 Top Women in Technology award for Excellence in Innovation.

She holds a degree in sociology from Harvard University, a master’s degree in theology from Boston College, and a master’s degree in business administration from Cambridge University. Originally from London, Amelia now lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with her husband and three children.

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