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What’s your trust score?

Building trust is your greatest opportunity for competitive advantage—so let’s get started. You can now measure your Trust Score with HX TrustID™— a groundbreaking new platform poised to become the gold standard for evaluating organizational performance. 

Amelia Dunlop and Ashley Reichheld

HX TrustID™ –created by Amelia’s co-author of The Four Factors of Trust, Ashley Reichheld – is a data-driven platform based on over 200,000 survey responses with customers and workers across nearly 500 brands, in-depth focus groups, conversations with trust-bound leaders, and case studies when trust was won or lost. 

It gives you a new tool to measure your trust score in ways that are simple, meaningful, and actionable.

HX TrustID™ is based on fresh data. And it is free to everyone.

You can measure your score with your customers, your workforce, and even your partners easily because trust comes down to just four factors:


Empathy, kindness, and fairness


Quality products, services, and experiences


Openness with information, motives, and choices


Consistent and dependable delivery on promises

By measuring just these four factors, you can identify your strengths, your deficits, and your opportunities to (re)build trust with key stakeholders. It’s the start of building greater trust throughout every function—from marketing to operations to talent experience. 

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